An intro to water fasting: 43 hour lime fast

In the theme of detoxification, I decided to take it to another level.  Once again I only ate one meal a day, but this time dinner was not 6 kg of mangos but instead the juice of 15 limes.  Why lime juice?  Well citrus fruits are great cleaners; they pull toxins from the body.  Since they were juiced it allowed my digestive a track to  have a day off from digestion.  And being that it was only 15 limes, which may be a couple hundred calories, it was the nearest I could get to a water fast without doing one.  I have never in my life gone this long on so few calories.  By the end I felt weak, had trouble thinking,  and my speech was starting to slur.  Honestly I felt drunk.  But it was great a chance to give my body break.  The next step is do a full on water fast, and doing a lime fast was great intro to this.

Jason ManningComment