Four years on


In 2015 if you had told me that in four years I would not only have chosen to stop eating animal products but also cooked food, I would have said you were absolutely bonkers.  I loved cheese, meat, eggs, and cooked food and would often eat all of these foods at each meal: bacon and eggs for breakfast, ham and cheese sandwich for lunch, and a salami and mozzarella pizza for dinner.  As much as I loved these foods, they did not love me back. 

 At my heaviest I weighed 207 lbs.  Seeing old photos of myself, I look puffy, inflamed, tired, and lifeless, and reality, I was.  My plant-based journey began as a way to lose weight.  To date I have lost 60 lbs (I actually weigh 20 lbs less than I did in high school).   As I started to get educated on the plant-based, and then the later, raw lifestyle, I found more reasons to continue on this path.  Now that I have been raw for more  than two years I cannot imagine eating any other way.  I love what I eat and how it makes me feel.  The more reasons we can find to do something, whether it is going plant-based or raw, running a marathon or starting a strength program, the greater our conviction will become.  The greater our conviction, the more likely we will be to push through when times are rough.    

The other thing I learned along my journey is that we need to give ourselves more credit.  We are capable of so much more than we think, yet we let doubt and fear consume us.  It is incredibly surprising at how one thing can lead to another: how we can build upon past experiences, transcending higher and higher.  So whatever it is you are curious to try, give it a shot!  You may be surprised at where it takes you. 

Jason ManningComment