How to Heal Disease

I have talked at length about the performance side of a raw diet, however, for the first time in my life I have been learning about the healing side of raw foods.  What I have uncovered is astounding, and the benefit to you is amazing—if you are willing to read with an open mind.  

The human body consist of trillions of cells and two major fluids.  These cells group together and form different functions, however, a cell is still cell whether it is a liver cell, pancreatic cell, or skin cell.  Each cell has the same requirements, and this is where the two major fluids come into play.  

One of these fluids is blood.  The blood can be viewed as the nutritional highway of the body.  The blood is responsible for delivering oxygen and the nutrients we get from food to the cells.  

The second fluid is lymph fluid which is responsible for eliminating the waste from all of the cells.  If blood is the food delivery system then lymph is the garbage collector.  The lymph takes the cell’s waste and eliminates it out through the kidneys as urine, or through the skin as sweat.  The colon is responsible for eliminating the waste products from food.  Blood and lymph are called interstitial fluid,  meaning they touch every single cell in the body.  Blood represents roughly 25% of interstitial fluid, whereas lymph represents 75%.  

Getting plenty of fresh air and sunlight.

Getting plenty of fresh air and sunlight.

All of this is really simple, and it is, but here is the problem.  The food we eat either allows, or blocks the flow of lymph fluid.  If we block the lymph fluid then the toxins in our body are prevented from leaving.  When toxins build up we become diseased.  The disease may manifest itself in different parts of the body, but the cause is always the same.  99.9% of all diseases—kidney, pancreatic, lymph, liver, or lung cancer, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, autoimmune diseases, skin diseases, high blood pressure, and more—can all be traced to a blockage of lymph fluid. 

There are two groups of foods: alkaline and acid.  Our body wants alkaline and greatly struggles with acid.  Acid forming foods block the flow of toxins in our lymph system.  When the toxins build up, we suffer.  All diseases are simply a result of acidosis in the body.  Like I said, the disease may manifest itself in different areas in the body, but the cause is always acidosis, which is ultimately a stagnation of toxins and lymph fluid.  Acid forming foods include meat, dairy, cheese, grains, and refined/processed starches and sugars.  The cause of disease is simple.  Conveniently, the solution is equally as so.   

Alkaline forming foods allow the lymph and the toxins to begin to flow.  When the toxins are allowed to be eliminated we see a return to health.  Curing diseases (yes even cancer) is that simple.  This process of toxic elimination is called detoxification.  Alkaline forming foods include raw fruits and vegetables.  Fruits are the powerhouses at moving lymph and at allowing detoxification.  Raw vegetables will slow this process.  Nuts, seeds, and lightly cooked vegetables will slow this process even further, but slip too far into the acid side of chemistry and the detoxification process is halted and backed up.  It is important to understand the speed at which you detox, as if you try to eliminate toxins too quickly you could potentially have some nasty pain.  This is normal and will pass with time.  But if the pain is too much, then simply adjust the speed at which you detox.  

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My transition to a raw diet has been slow and gradual, so my detox symptoms have been near unnoticeable.  I did, however, consume predominately acid forming foods for 27 years, and for the first time in my life I am actively undoing the damage caused by years of abuse and neglect.  I have been eating fruit exclusively for the past nine days.  I have also been getting plenty of sleep, plenty of fresh air, and plenty of sunlight.  I have been exercising, but only moderately—the goal is to give my body a break and chance to heal.  Honestly, creating the space and environment to heal feels incredible.  

Curing and reversing disease is this simple: stop eating the acid forming foods and get on the fruit train.  If you have any questions, please comment or send me a message.  I offer coaching on transitioning to a raw diet.  My goal is always to meet you were you are at.  Together, we make small, but steady steps.  All of your favourite foods are not going anywhere, but your health is.  Hopefully, if you try a fruit-based diet it will give you a new reference for health.  Once you have a new reference for health you may never look at your once favourite foods the same.  

If you think I am crazy, well fine, but I dare you to prove me wrong.  Go one month on just raw fruits and vegetables.  Or try a week or two of exclusively eating your favourite fruit.   If you have the gumption to start and follow through, you will be absolutely astounded at the results. 

Day 9 of fruit only.  Feeling good.

Day 9 of fruit only. Feeling good.

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